Dating Personality Types You Should Avoid

Everyone has different dating personality types which makes them unique, but that means you will not be compatible with everyone. Thankfully, you can now know what your personality type for dating is and which ones you should avoid. Keep reading to find out more about some of the dating personality types.


The Charmer

This dating personality type can sweep you off your feet at first and they might be the first to impress you on an online dating site. However, you should be aware when you are talking to this personality type because it can be hard to see what their personality is really like. They are often known for having short or even no relationships because they might not do well with monogamy. The charmers are more into being chased or chasing others, but the chase is done they release them back into the wild.

The Dreamer

This personality dating type can be a bit tricky, because they might seem like they have tons of ideas but have an imagination that is a bit too big. They often have fantasies, and a fantasy of reuniting with a past lover cannot be far off from one of them. They look into their ideals a bit too much so they have unrealistic standards that can make you feel like you are not enough for them. They will also not want to date someone unless they feel an instant spark or connection with them.

The Avoider

This is one of the most troublesome of the dating personality types. The avoider is exactly what it sounds like – they avoid as much of dating as possible but hope to get a relationship at the same time. They will not engage people that they are interested in because they hope to get a relationship without putting any effort into it. If you date an avoider, you will find yourself in a one sided relationship because you will definitely put more effort into it than they will.

The Martyr

This person may seem great at first, but do not be fooled because these types can love a relationship a bit too much. They are willing to get into a new relationship even if they were not that into the person. They often excuse the bad behavior of their partner, often using past traumas or a bad childhood so that they hope people will empathize with their partner. These types of people often lack something in their life that you as a partner cannot fulfill for them and they often get taken advantage of because of their loving nature.

There are many more dating personality types than these, but it is important to know what people you might want to avoid. Since not everyone can date everyone, some of the types above might turn you off. Learning more about dating personality types can help you read a person quicker when you are on a date so it helps you learn whether you see yourself on a second date with them.